Combined cycle plants

Combined cycle plants

Based on the large KEY PLAN experience in cogeneration plants, we have introduced in the field of high-efficiency combined cycle with energy use in industrial processes

The services offered by our company in this field are:

Analysis and prior studies:

  • Review of energy consumption and efficiency of processes.
  • Energy demand analysis and forecasts for the future.
  • Evaluation of different types of fuel cycle.
  • Checking compliance with current regulations.
  • Performance analysis.


  • Detail design.
  • Project management and coordination.
  • Systems engineering production and distribution.
  • Planning and supervision.
  • Lay-out design.
  • Purchase Management.


  • Construction supervision.
  • Coordination with municipal authorities.
  • Support for legalization of installations.
  • Commissioning.
  • Coordination of implementation.
  • Checking guaranteed performance parameters.