Climatización híbrida ventajas


A hybrid air conditioning system is one that combines traditional methods with renewable methods such as aerothermal or photovoltaic. Both drive the heat on the emitting equipment alternately.

The most common hybrid system combines a boiler with an aerothermal heat pump.

What are the advantages of hybrid air conditioning?

Hybrid heating installations represent great savings in energy consumption, which can lead to significant economic savings for the user (up to approximately 65% ​​in the annual electricity bill). In addition, they help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other polluting gases into the atmosphere, making them useful for achieving decarbonisation goals. Hybrid air conditioning reduces dependence on fossil fuels and methods such as diesel, natural gas…

On the other hand, hybrid air conditioning offers high performance and better consumption control compared to traditional methods. This high energy efficiency and regulation make it a very interesting solution.

The future of hybrid air conditioning

Hybrid heating systems are gaining more and more popularity and momentum due to all the advantages they bring and the constant increase in the performance of heat pumps.

Some popular combinations could be:

  • Heat pump + underfloor heating
  • Heat pump + solar energy
  • Heat pump + aerothermal

In addition, new energy efficiency standards and regulations related to the carbon footprint will be more and more frequent, and their entry into force will be key for more and more companies and users to consider other types of facilities to respond to it. Read our entry on the ecological challenge of companies.

The change from traditional air conditioning to hybrid air conditioning does not require excessive logistical complications nor does it increase the economic cost too much, since it is carried out using a system that was already installed. This change is an increasingly interesting option for companies or homes that need a fast, high-impact installation that allows them considerable savings.

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