Acoustics and public address

Acoustics and public address

The computer program EASE was used for the acoustic study, together with its AURA module. The AURA module incorporates the power of the acoustic simulation algorithms CAESAR into the EASE, increasing its potential and efficiency.

EASE allows the design of the acoustic model of the enclosure in three dimensions, in addition to the simulation of the physical and sound propagation properties inside the room, as well as the absorption that occurs in the different surfaces of the same and the different reflections that occur in each one. Additionally it allows the possibility of installing sound reinforcement systems so that an electroacoustic design can be made in the room to be analyzed.

AURA is composed of a Ray Tracing hybrid engine that uses both a deterministic image model (Cone Tracing) and stochastic Ray Tracing methods, accelerating the calculation, without compromising accuracy.

The program acoustically evaluates the rooms based on the measurements defined in the International Standard ISO 3382, of Measures of Acoustic Parameters of Rooms. AURA allows obtaining a large number of acoustic parameters such as the total sound pressure level (SPL total ), the speech transmission index (STI), the cefinition (D), the loss of articulation of the consonants (AlCons) or the charity of the voice (C50).

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