The “supersonic” train is built in Spain.

The company Hyperloop is about to get it. A train capable of traveling at 1,200 km / hour.

Actually, it is not possible (at the moment) to travel at the speed of sound, but thanks to this project, we would be very close. A capsule train capable of traveling at 1,200km / hour that is being built in Cádiz, hand in hand with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) and the Spanish technological company Artificial.

The Hyperloop is composed of a single 32-meter-long capsule that circulates inside a vacuum tube. Once it reaches a certain speed, the cabin is raised by electromagnetic propulsion. This requires 12 kilometers in a straight line, which is able to achieve 1,200km per hour.

Says Dirk Ahlborn, creator of the “invention” and founder of the company, that this way of traveling would be safer than the plane, since when traveling in tube the route does not have any disturbing element and the speed can be adjusted to perfection .

It is expected that the capsule and transporter will have its first installation in Abu Dhabi, on the occasion of the next Universal Exhibition of 2020, connecting the airport with the facilities, taking a 140km route in just 12 minutes.