Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

We speak of the fourth Industrial Revolution referring to a new era of digital transformation. What role does Artificial Intelligence occupy?

The AI ​​is the foundation on which this new transformation of the industry is based. Its positioning is strategic to develop this path, and in this Spain wants to position itself as an outpost to apply R & D & i in fundamental sectors of society and the economy.

To this end, on March 5 a document of the Spanish Strategy for Artificial Intelligence in I+D+ i project was presented, in order to define the bases that promote the growth of science and innovation in the country.

The recommendations offered by this document establish inter-ministerial aid, so that there will be nine ministerial departments affected that will collaborate in common for the development of this ambitious proposal.

In the words of Pedro Duque, current Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, “it is necessary to value the importance of AI to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, marked by the 2030 Agenda; gauge its impact on the social and economic fabric; include the knowledge and use of AI in the labor market and in the promotion, recovery and attraction of talent; the use of data use in Public Administrations; the inclusion of the educational system as a lever for technological change, and ensuring an ethical use of it, avoiding negative biases in all its fields of application”.