Intgeother, a spanish software that helps optimize geothermal energy at home

The ITC (Institute of Ceramic Technology) has created INTGEOTHER, a software that facilitates the application of geothermal energy at home. To carry out this initiative, they have received a subsidy from the IVACE (Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness) and  help of several companies in the sector.

What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is a type of renewable and clean energy that is obtained by harnessing the heat radiated from the subsoil and whose most important uses are to generate electricity, heating and cooling. It is an infinite and environmentally friendly source of energy, which unlike the rest of the renewable energies does not depend on the weather, but on the difference in temperature between the surface and the interior of the earth (we can have it 24 hours per day, 365 days a year).

Advantages of geothermal energy

  1. It is a renewable energy that helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels, which are limited and non-renewable resources.
  2. Being a clean energy, the waste generated is minimal and its environmental impact is much lower than that generated by oil or coal.
  3. Unlike other renewable energies, such as wind, it does not generate any additional noise.
  4. The investment in a geothermal energy installation is amortized quickly: from 4 to 8 years.
  5. It is an air conditioning system whose energy savings are greater than 50% compared to others.
  6. In addition to amortizing faster than other facilities, maintenance costs are low and can last up to 50 years without having to change it.
  7. While that investment in renewable energy systems can be high, geothermal energy is not subject to international prices, so there are no large price variations.
  8. Not only is the waste it generates minimal (the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere is lower than what would be emitted if the energy had to be obtained through combustion), but can be null when water is injected and made circulate through a closed circuit.
  9. The construction of geothermal energy plants does not require the indiscriminate felling of trees and entire forests, but the area needed to mount one is less than what other types of plants would need.
  10. Not only do the plants do not need much space to carry out their activity, nor are the facilities that are carried out in the homes very large, so they are flexible in terms of location, in addition to not needing ventilation.


The objective of this tool is to analyze the technical and economic viability of a geothermal energy installation in a home. In other words, the software has a database with geological and hydrological information of the municipalities of the Valencian Community (lithology, groundwater, etc.) and based on them, helps to choose the most reliable and safe installation for each home.

With the aim of bringing this tool to the public, ITC and IVACE have created a series of workshops in Castellón, which have been attended by architects, builders and engineers, which, not only have tested the software, but have been able to verify the enormous advantages that the tool brings in your work.

Help IVACE Energy

For the installation of geothermal energy, IVACE Energy makes a series of grants available to individuals and companies.

– For companies and public entities, IVACE grants grants with lost funds of up to 65% of the cost of the project.

This type of aid is contributions made by the Government to companies that need “special protection” because they are located in geographically disadvantaged areas, in crisis or that need to stimulate employment. Obviously these are very difficult loans to obtain, since the requirements to access them with very specific and are based on the above.

– In the case of individuals, a tax deduction of up to 20% is offered in the IRPF regional section with the aim of promoting the use of renewable energy.