Reasons why we use BIM in our projects

In any field, betting on the best working tools can make a big difference in the preparation and execution of projects, as well as in their final result.

In the case of Keyplan, by dedicating ourselves to sectors such as engineering, industry and the environment, among others, we need the best resources to carry out the designs requested by customers in the most efficient way possible. For this reason, we have opted for the BIM work methodology.

What is BIM?

The acronym BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and refers to a work process that aims to facilitate document management, as well as its coordination and simulation throughout the life cycle of a project (planning, design, construction, maintenance) with all the agents involved in said project (builders, engineers, architects, clients).

What do we use it for?

The main function of BIM is to design and document our building and infrastructure designs. All the details we want to include in a design are modeled in BIM. In this way, it helps us analyze the design options of a certain space, as well as create visualizations that allow the client to understand what the building will look like before constructing it.

How do we use it?

The BIM process allows us to generate smart data that we use throughout the life cycle of a construction project.

  • Planning: We inform the team by generating data through reality capture tools and we generate prototypes that are as realistic as possible to teach our clients.
  • Design: In this phase we carry out the perfectly detailed conceptual design and the relevant documentation.
  • Construction: The manufacturing team uses the BIM specifications to start the project. The logistical construction data of the project is shared with professionals and contractors, guaranteeing an efficient process that meets the expected deadlines.
  • Maintenance: We transfer the BIM data to the operations and maintenance team once the project is finished. These data are later used to make an economical renovation or to dismantle a construction effectively.

Why do we use it?

The main reason we use BIM is because it makes the process of designing an infrastructure easier for us. It allows us to be efficient in our mission, as well as offering our clients a realistic prototype of the result of our design, generating closeness with them.

BIM not only enables design and construction teams to work more efficiently, it enables them to capture the data they generate during the process, which is an advantage for maintenance activities after the job is done.