qué es el metaverso - what is metaverse

What is metaverse and what does it offer?

The metaverse is on everyone’s lips since the world and virtual products began to gain importance for large companies such as Google or Facebook. In fact, a few months ago Facebook announced an internal revolution that was not being reflected abroad and for which it had decided to change its name to “Meta”.

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual world that we can connect to with different devices, and that offers us an interactive experience through our character or avatar.

The idea of ​​the metaverse is to be as realistic as possible so that each user is immersed in a kind of “alternate reality” in which they can perform various activities in the first person. Something similar to what happens in video games. For the experience to be totally immersive and in the first person, the best idea to enter the metaverse is virtual reality glasses. These record our physical movements and allow us to fully immerse ourselves in that other reality in 360 degrees.

What can the metaverse offer us?

The metaverse offers us a new way to connect to the Internet. Currently, we spend long hours glued to our screens, holding telemeetings via Zoom, or scrolling down on our social networks. The metaverse would allow us to connect with each other in a different way, through the Internet, but with an extra reality that keeps us closer. Some experts say that the metaverse and virtual realities in general are the inevitable future of the Internet, and others predict a resounding failure.

But be that as it may, the opportunities that the metaverse could offer should it prove successful could be endless. In the virtual reality that it offers us, we could create a second life, a business with its own economy, make new friends, or explore new forms of leisure.

Obviously, these are all assumptions. The metaverse is still a field that tech companies are working on and that is conceptual and unfinished at the moment. Everything will depend on what happens in the future and if users find any real use for it. Without a doubt, the line that separates the real from the virtual is already more and more blurred, and it will be more and more so in the future.

What companies are working on it?

For the metaverse to become a reality, it is necessary that leading technology companies in the market lend their knowledge and financial investment. The most notable is Facebook (now “Meta”), but there are also other companies behind it such as Epic Games, Apple, Microsoft or Roblox. These companies in many cases compete fiercely with each other, so the race for the metaverse is intense and has only just begun.

Another company that is involved in this is, of course, Google, one of the giants of the global economy when it comes to technology. They have been involved in alternative realities for many years now, and in fact, many Google products already incorporate augmented reality, such as Google Earth or Google Photos.

Each company has different teams of experts and professionals in software and hardware development to bring the idea of ​​virtual worlds to life through different tools. Who will be the first company to launch a safe and useful final product?

“We’ll have to wait to see if it evolves and means anything, but what’s exciting is that this is a new form of virtual interaction that is real-time and 3D” – Dan Sturman, Roblox CTO.

Keyplan in the virtual world

At Keyplan we have taken a small step towards the virtual world and alternative realities through the development of a housing NFT. You can take a look at the presentation video by clicking here, or by searching for us on the “Renovi” platform.

This project is just a small stone on a path that we have begun to travel. We will see what the future holds for us!