Our environmental, aeronautical and retatil services

In addition to our industrial, energy and building services, we also work in the management of hydraulic resources, solid waste treatment, hangar and airport design and development of air conditioning, electricity and fire-fighting facilities in shops and commercial premises.

Management of hydraulic resources

At present we work in two different lines: purification and reuse of water. Our technical team offers the design and implementation of water reuse stations using ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies.

Urban waste treatment

We have specialized in solving complex problems during the execution of incineration projects, through the application of exhaustive analyzes and innovative guidelines for the preservation of the environment.

Hangar design

We have expanded our activity to the demanding aeronautical world, focusing on the design of hangars for business aircraft, taking care of the logistics of the work entirely.

Airport design

We carry out different types of actions in the airport field:

  • Advice on the design and improvement of leisure-oriented spaces for users (VIP lounges, commercial locations, etc.)
  • Optimization of the circulation of vehicles and personnel in both public and restricted areas of the airport (public parking lots, workshop vehicle depots, pedestrian paths, etc.)
  • Adequacy of the signaling of pedestrian traffic spaces,
  • Design of consultancy for specific facilities for aeronautical activity (carriage yards, electrical equipment charging facilities, etc.)


We have extensive experience in the development of projects for air conditioning, electricity and fire protection installations in shops and commercial premises.