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The Conference “Aeronautical Sector and Industry 4.0” lands in Madrid

Next September 19th, FIDAMC (Foundation for Research, Development and Application of Composite Materials) will pick up the “Aeronautical Sector and Industry 4.0” Conference, in which the challenges of digital transformation in the aerospace sector and  the keys to industry 4.0 will be treated, as well as its role in improving competitiveness in manufacturing processes.Read more

Big and small works of the engineering surrounding

Big and small works of engineering surround us but, do you know the most impressive ones? Here we make a brief review for some:
Panama Canal: 
It links the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean through the Panama’s Isthmus at the narrowest point of it. It was inaugurated in 1914 and works through locks that elevate the boats to Lake Gatún. In this way it has been possible to shorten transport and navigation times and with this, it has contributed to the improvement of trade worldwide.
Panama Canal
 Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
Also called the Akashi Grand Bridge, it is located in Japan and is 3911m long. It is the tallest, longest and most expensive suspension bridge in the world. In addition to the complexity of its construction, it is located in an area of ​​typhoons and earthquakes, and supports winds of up to 290km / h.
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan.
Palm Island (Dubai).
Palm Islands are artificial islands that take their name from the form of construction, like the leaf of a palm tree. Constructed in the Persian Gulf, by its trunk is the main avenue accessing the fronds in which are the residential complexes. Made on large clusters of rock and sand, they are the most ambitious residential engineering buildings in the world.
Palm Island, Dubai.

 Hoover Dam.

It is located in the United States, in the basin of the Colorado River, in Las Vegas (Arizona), and is already a tourist attraction and has been declared a National Historic Monument and qualified by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the works of Engineering Most important civil of the United States.

It was constructed in order to retain the waters coming from the melting of the Rocky Mountains as well as to provide water supply to Los Angeles and Southern California.

Hoover Dam, Las Vegas.

Bridge of the Constitución of 1812 or Bridge of “La Pepa”.

Built on the Bay of Cádiz (Spain), on a cable-stayed bridge of 540m which is one of the largest accesses to the city and has involved the work of 8 years and 511 million euros of investment. It was inaugurated in 2015 and connects Puerto Real with the capital of Cadiz.
Bridge of La Constitución of 1812, Cádiz.